LabelOn™ Modular Flat Bottle Labeling Applications

The LabelOn™ configured for Flat Sided Products has superb accuracy and ease of settings. If you have Flat Sided Products needing one, two or even three labels, the LabelOn™ has the forethought of design to make the Job simple to set-up again and again. The picture below hints at our thinking – which is to design for the real world not unrealistic hopes that bottle variations do not exist (in this case height variation is considered). Under the picture is a Button link to our Gallery focusing on Flat Sided Label applications. Below that button are General LabelOn™ features and specifications. Being a LabelOn™ Modular machine the option to add modules at the time of order or after market allows for the of Oval and Round product with very quick product change-over.

Don’t be scared by our competitor quotes for equipment that looks like ours – which is unlikely to match our performance – all our clients are delighted in the value our equipment represents.


Flat Bottle Labeling

Flat Sided Containers

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  • Fast changeovers – There are no tools required for Product Change Over. Large Hand-wheels allow for near-effortless adjustments without the need for motor assist (Motor assists adds cost/complexity and something else to service). We have elected to keep it simple with position settings choosing a little more expensive etched rulers and scales over “digital indicators” which in time can fail (again another thing to service). The Setup time between jobs is simple and quick.
  • Repeatability – All Electronic settings/parameters of your production job can be saved on the touch screen allowing exact repeatability between runs.
  • Flexibility – The LabelOn™ is designed in a modular format allowing for multiple configurations to suit your range of Jobs. Both the Mechanics and Electronics are Modular enabling the fast addition and removal of Mechanics AND ELECTRONICS.
  • The Colour Touch Screen – has easy to use and and easy to understand buttons. There is also machine status information and troubleshooting menus.


  • Label minimum thickness – 70micron
  • Label reel core size 76mm inside diameter
  • Label reel outside diameter 380mm (std)
  • Label minimum size – Vertical 15mm/Horizontal 15mm
  • Label web maximum height – 80/160/215/260mm (selected at the time of order)
  • Label gap minimum size – 2.5mm


  • Speed Synchornised to Label Feed with Digital Ratio User Setting (standard)
  • Dispensing speed minimum – 5m/min (Standard)
  • Dispensing speed maximum – 30m/min (Standard)
  • Label accuracy ± 0.75mm – not including variations due to the Bottles or Labels
  • Stepper motor drive – 5 Phase – Note older machine designs use a 2 Phase Motor that is more Coarse and Hot in operation
  • Missing label detection (Standard)
  • Low-level roll detection (Standard)
  • Un-locked Drive Roller Assembly alarm (Standard)
  • Clear label gap sensor (optional)
  • Label verification (optional)


  • Conveyor speed 5 – 30 m/min (Standard)
  • Conveyor Height 820mm – 870 mm (Standard)
  • Conveyor Length 3000 mm (Standard)
  • Conveyor material – Plastic Slat/Stainless Slat/ PU Belt/Rollers
  • Conveyor widths – 105/210 (Standard)
  • Conveyor with Cups/Pucks (Optional)
  • Conveyor Non Stalling Motor Drive with Continuous Speed Feedback (Standard)


  • Wrap module (80% wrap or less)
  • Round Bottle Orientation System (Up to 100% Wrap;Suits Bottles with Handles, Hand Grips or View Strips)
  • Overhead conveyor – Servo Motor Driven with Multiple spring loaded backing plates
  • Single & Dual Scroll / Product Positioning
  • (round & oval bottles)
  • Aligner-Spacer Chains
  • Wind in/out and up/down Bottle Separator
  • Spring Loaded wipers
  • Secondary Impression rollers – Driven or Idler
  • Top and bottom label placements
  • Side grip twin belt transfer system

32 jobs


  • Warning Beacon – Standard
  • Coder – thermal or inkjet
  • Eject system
  • Third Label Head (Usually for neck spot labels)
  • Pneumatic Product Spacing Gate (This Optimises Speed with Orientation Module Labelling)